With the summer vacation coming to an end, Cycle Souq can help you and your children prepare for the exciting new school year. From accessories to bicycles, read on for the ultimate back-to-school bicycle guide.

This chic rider is not only perfect for Disney lovers, but it is also one of the safest bikes for toddlers on the market. This is thanks to its reinforced training wheels that assist in maneuvering about and providing an added dose of stability for both new and old drivers. The Spartan 16” Disney Princess Premium Bicycle is priced at AED599.00 Click here to buy yours.

Schwinn Child 5+ Dash Helmet – Firstly, we absolutely love the colour scheme of the Schwinn Child 5+ Dash Helmet. Secondly, the helmet features a dial-a-fit retention mechanism which allows for complete adjustment, regardless of your little one’s head shape, ensuring a perfect fit, every time. As an added safety measure, the helmet also features comfortable padding, while the top air vents will do wonders to keep your little rider’s head cool.  The Schwinn Child 5+ Dash Helmet is priced at AED149.00. Click here to buy yours.

Spartan Marvel 120mm Folding Scooter – If your child is more comfortable on two wheels, they are going to love the Spartan Marvel 120mm Folding Scooter. This chic and safe racer features a strong aluminium frame that supports riders weighing up to 50kgs, while the durable PU wheels ensure a smooth ride on most surfaces. Last but not least, the scooter’s rubber grips provide a superior grip and durability when compared to foam that is found on most scooters. They are also more water resistant, which will definitely come in handy during the more humid summer months. The Spartan Marvel 120mm Folding Scooter is priced at AED149.00 Click here to buy yours.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Child Bike Trailer – If your tiny tots are still too little to cycle or scoot independently to school, the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Child Bike Trailer is a must-have. The easy to setup and store lightweight trailer, features large front and side windows to ensure that your kids have a bright and airy ride. As for safety, the built-in foot guard tube protects your precious ones’ feet, while the five-point safety harness comfortably secures your child in place.  The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Child Bike Trailer is priced at AED1,099.00. Click here to buy yours.

Spartan Bicycle Baby Carrier – If the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Child Bike Trailer is perhaps a bit too big for your liking, the Spartan Baby Carrier is the next best thing. It features a special seat belt buckle, which greatly reduces the chance of your little one accidently releasing it. The Spartan Baby Carrier boasts a clamp on the seat tube and is durable with most bikes, except for those possessing dual suspensions. The chic baby carrier is available in yellow and grey and can safely carry children between the ages of nine months to four years young, with a maximum weight limit of 18kgs. The Spartan Bicycle Baby Carrier is priced at AED299.00. Click here to buy yours.

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