adds an exciting ‘Nutrition Tab’ to its online store adds an exciting ‘Nutrition Tab’ to its online store, the e-commerce platform that brings you the best collection of bikes, which you can browse through from the comfort of your own home, has introduced its own Nutrition category, making it the ultimate Cycling One-Stop-Shop.

Here, you can access all your health supplements and energy boosters, ranging from hydration tablets to energy waffles, gels and much more. These products come in a variety of flavours for you to choose from such as tri-berry for the adventurous, Lemon and Lime if you love a tart taste or Vanilla Bean if you like to play it safe.

Through their latest expansion into nutrition, is fast becoming the region’s ultimate, online cycling and cycling accessories hub. Needing that extra boost during your mountain trek or fast-paced bicycle ride? Get your supplements and gels that are the perfect size to carry on you during your ride and just as easy to consume. If you’re not sure what supplement is right for you, fear not, there is a detailed description along with nutritional information on each product page, so you know exactly what benefits you’re getting from each product you choose.,