brings you the Giant of all Giants..

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All bikes are assembled by our team of professional technicians and delivered ready to ride in UAE!

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Andy Paul |, the region’s premier cycling destination, introduces the world’s leading brand of high-quality bicycles, Giant. This brand is known for combining craftsmanship, technology, and innovative design and is built for smooth control, balance and stability, and overall heightened performance. From tricky mountain terrains to pathways and parks, the Giant range will exhilarate your riding experience with its rugged personality and advanced technologies.

The handcrafted, tailored engineering of Giant brings a lightweight, stable and yet lively feel in one. Whilst expertly ascending the landscape, accelerating on the tracks, taking corners on a Giant bicycle and further helping riders push new limits of endurance. promised a destination for all things cycling and this latest launch solidifies just that. The launch of the Giant range offers seamless, advanced technology that brings endurance, stability, and a consistent thrill throughout the riding experience.,