Bone Collection Phone Tie Connect

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SKU: PH20121-G
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Tie Connect System

Which is designed for those workout enthusiasts who want to carry their phone on the go. “Tie Connect System” was awarded TAIPEI CYCLE D&I AWARDS 2021 by iF Design Award for latest outstanding design. Both aesthetic and functional running & bike accessories you must have! One System Double Function - Whether you are cycling or running, you can quickly switch it in seconds.

Product Features :

  • 360° Rotation - Left/ right rotation 45 degrees for immediate removal. Vertical/ horizontal rotation to be fixed.
  • Universal - Ultra elastic design suitable for mobile phones from 4.7 to 7.2 inches.
  • Asymmetric Structure - The upper and lower strap can easily avoid not to block the camera lens regardless if on the side or centered.
  • Hybrid Material Design - Soft and hard material can disperse pressure. No need for a vibration dampener anymore!
  • Muti usage - Can be used on bicycle stem mount or handlebar mount.
  • Quick release design - Wrap around onto Stem or handlebar like a watch, soft silicone will not scratch the frame of the bike.
  • Anti Slip Design - With a special molecular treatment on the base to reduce slippage.
  • Shock Absorber Tested - Bone collection have gone through testing and its Silicone can disperse the pressure from road vibration to protect the phone.
  • Garmin bicycle computers compatible