FFWD Carbon Raw Set FCC (44mm) DT180 EXP Shimano

AED 10,200.00
Brand: FFWD
SKU: 8720574636123

Material: Carbon


You want the best of the best! we give it to you!

No compromises! Aerodynamic, Fast and light! Everything in order to beat the competition or your cycling buddies! When going for the best it's evident to bring all the best parts together in order to achieve the optimum result. Starting with our core ingredient of good wheels we completely redesigned the rim from scratch. In a changing world of wider tires and rim profiles the aerodynamic performance is also due to change. With this knowledge the new FFWD rim profile LAW Tech has been developed as the basis of the new FFWD RAW. LAW is short for 'Laminar Airflow Wing' and has been specially developed to deliver better aerodynamics when using wider tires by creating a smooth airflow. Testing multiple layups and setups have led to the optimum combination of stiffness, aero and weight which you would expect in a set like this.

The details make the design - However aero is important, it is the combination of multiple factors that make a top model earn its stars. The RAW stands out from the others by the use of internal nipples and the new DT Swiss 180 EXP hubs with SINC ceramic bearings which reduce rolling resistance to the absolute minimum and increase durability. The use of only the best high-end parts contribute to the low weight of this set putting only 1420 grams on the scale. When you have the best of the best you want them to shine as well! The RAW is the only model with an in-moulded FFWD logo in the carbon rim and has a special design with sparkling metallic decals!

Product Features :

  • Stiffness
  • Aerodynamic
  • Durability
  • Agility
  • Lightweight
  • Versatility

Product Specifications :


Type FCC
Internal width
External width
Tire range 23.0mm-42.0mm
Maximum tire pressure
8.4bar, 121.5 psi


Type DT180 EXP
Body system Ratchet EXP system
Bearings Ceramic


Type Straight pull
Count 24/24


Type Alloy hidden 12mm Prolock
Additional Information