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Garmin Vector 3 Dual-sensing power meter

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Garmin Vector 3 - Dual Sensing Power Meter

Dual-sensing pedal-based power meter

  • Installs like any other pedal and quickly transfers between bikes
  • Measures total power, left/right balance, cadence and cycling dynamics
  • Sleek design provides greater cornering clearance and improved stack height
  • Fully integrates with Garmin cycling ecosystem for data analysis
  • Allows for easy updates via compatible Edge® cycling computers, ANT+® connectivity or Bluetooth®-enabled fitness devices1 and Garmin Connect Mobile app
  • Battery life: up to 120 hours

Up Your Game !

Ride stronger, smarter, connected with the Vector 3S pedal-based power meter. As you strive to Beat your personal best on your next race or Gran Fondo, power is the most reliable way to gauge your performance on any given day. Unlike other power meters, Vector 3S has the sensors housed right in the pedals so it delivers reliable , accurate data on every training session.

Take it to the next level !

Vector 3S is an affordable way for you to receive power data and take your training to the next level. As a single-sensing system , it uses the force detected on the left pedal to measure cadence and approximate total power, and its easy to upgrade later to the dual-sensing system. 

Easy to install, transfer and use !

With vector 3S, there are no complex drivetrain or wheel trade-offs and no external sensors to install, there are also no pods, so Vector 3S installs like any other pedal - and its easy to transfer from one bike to another without bike shop assistance. Plus its sleek design and improved stack height provide greater cornering clearance and smarter ergonomics, and its precision stainless-steel spindle and composite pedal body have been engineered and tested to withstand years of use. It offers battery life up to 120 hours.

Garmin Vector 3 Dual-sensing power meter

Garmin Vector 3 Dual-sensing power meter