HJC Furion 1.0 Road Helmet

AED 850.00
Brand: HJC
SKU: HJ-HLT-0002/1040/XS/S

Size: XS/S 54 - 56cm

XS/S 54 - 56cm
M/L 57 - 59cm

Color: Celadon

Matte Black
Pattern Grey
Pattern Red
White / Silver
Matte / Gloss Black

Furion is built from motocycle helmet design experience

Helmet like FURION has integrated with Venturi Dynamics to balance the air resistant force with exhaust ventilation function. Furion is aerodynamic enriched conceptual design that gives optimal ride, strengthening the speed and air flow. HJC Road Cycle Helmets are designed and engineered through precision measures to have lightest weight construction as possible. Thickness and density, placement and shapes, materials bits and parts all plays a part in having lightest weight construction.

Wind Tunnel Tested

HJC is only one of very few helmet companies who are facilitated with its own state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test the aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, and more. Across from technical adaptation of motorcycle race technology to high-end road cycle helmets, HJC wind tunnel test lab measures the constant force within the riding condition.

Venturi Dynamics

In order to achieve the maximum ventilation results, technical adaptation of Bernoulli principle is adapted to aerodynamic enhanced models. In motion, the speed of surface flow rate in general increases towards the rear progression. Through the pressure differences, cool air from the frontal intake is exhausted through the rear vent with internal heat dissipation, which gives rider optimum ventilated riding results.

Key Features :

  • Furion aerodynamic performance and wind ventilation
  • Internal Reinforcement Structure Skeletal frame
  • Advanced Air Channel System
  • In-Mold Construction
  • Binded EPS & outer polycarbonate shell
Additional Information

XS/S 54 - 56cm, M/L 57 - 59cm


Celadon, Matte Black, Pattern Grey, Pattern Red, White / Silver, Matte / Gloss Black