Look S-Track Cage

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Brand: Look
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Look S-Track Cage

The S-Track LT Cage is an easy to fit non-slip cage that will fit all the S-Track range of pedals. These increase the surface area to 870mm² for the maximum pedal/shoe contact regardless of your position, improving control and confidence.

Cages that are compatible with the entire S-Track range of pedals increase the bearing surface significantly for enhanced control and maximum safety in technical and steep stages. These cages will also facilitate engagement into the pedal along with the movement of the foot. There are 3 cages to meet the needs of different types of MTB activity. The LT Cage is intended for leisure, the Sauser Cage is ideally suited to competition due to its excellent weight/platform area ratio, and finally the Trail Cage, thanks to its higher strength aluminium construction is recommended for enduro use.

Cages increase the pedal platform area which will improve pedalling stability and hence power transfer. The LT Cage boasts 870mm² of platform area (with the pedal) whereas the Sauser Cage has 730mm² but with a better weight/platform area ratio. Finally, the Trail Cage boasts 550mm² of platform area.

The S-Track Cage was designed to be fitted or removed in a few seconds with four screws per pedal. Fit the two halves of the cage either side of the pedal body and mate the together with the small locating pins. Finally insert the 4 screws to hold the two halves together and tighten to the recommended torque.


  • Easy to fit
  • Adaptable to all the S-Track range
  • Increases the surface area for improved control
  • Non-slip and confidence-enhancing
  • 100% made in France
  • Use: off-road touring/xc leisure/all mountain
  • Material: composite
  • Screws: self-tapping cruciform head

LT Cage for Comfort:

  • Surface Area (Stack & Cage): 870mm²
  • Body: Composite
  • Weight (S-track & Cage): 183g

Sauser Cage for Performance:

  • Surface Area (Stack & Cage): 730mm²
  • Body: Composite
  • Weight (S-track & Cage): 167g

Trail Cage for Protection:

  • Surface Area (Stack & Cage): 550mm²
  • Body: Composite
  • Weight (S-track & Cage): 202g