Spartan Pedal Set

AED 18.10
Brand: Spartan
SKU: SP-9071
  • Smooth and Srong: Hard spindles with built-in bearing works very smoothly.
  • Simple and Efficient: Solid nails keep your feet firmly touching the pedal. Big applied force area improve long ride comfort and pedaling efficiency.
  • Foot surface: wide tread surface, powerful pedaling performance, large contact area, stepping kinetic energy of the footsteps is converted into kinetic energy of the bike forward, and the painted surface is frosted black.
  • Surface anti-slip nail: with nail column design, give the foot full adhesion, there are 8 studs on both sides of the pedal, the nail column can not be replaced.
  • Closed self-lubricating bearing: double DU self-lubricating design, fine lubrication effect, rainproof and dustproof, easy to maintain.