Kid's Bike Size Guide –

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Kid's Bike Size Guide

Welcome to our kids bike size guide! On this page, you will find all the information you need to help you find the right bike size for your child. We want to make sure that every child has the right-sized bike that is comfortable, safe, and fun to ride! So, let's get started!

What size bike would be ideal for my child?

This handy chart should show you the right bike for your child, based on age, height and wheel size. In order to accurately match the correct bike for your child, it’s essential you measure their height accurately.

Rider Height Suggested size
Inches CM Age Range Suggested Wheel  
up to 36 inches up to 90 cm under 2 years 10" View all Balance Bikes
30 - 38 inches 76 - 96 cm 2 - 4 years 12" View all 12" wheel Kids' Bikes
36 - 40 inches 91 - 101 cm 3 - 4 years 14" View all 14" wheel Kids' Bikes
38 - 48 inches 96 - 122 cm 4 - 7 years 16" View all 16" wheel Kids' Bikes
42 - 52 inches 106 - 132 cm 5 - 9 years 18" View all 18" wheel Kids' Bikes
48 - 60 inches 122 - 152 cm 7 - 10 years 20" View all 20" wheel Kids' Bikes
56 - 66 inches 142 - 168 cm 10 - 15 years 24" View all 24" wheel Kids' Bikes


What about wheel size?

In the past, we'd recommend selecting a child's bike based on wheel size.

Why? Because riding a bike with wheels too big or small can create problems balancing and braking.

But we found this was confusing for parents, so we now recommend using height and age as a guide. Using height and age is a simpler and more accurate way of getting the right-sized kids' bike.

My child is between sizes. Should I go for the bigger bike or the smaller one?

When it comes to bike size, you may find that your child falls between sizes. In this case, both bikes may fit with some minor adjustments to the saddle height.

When it comes to making a decision, if you want the bike to last longer, go for the larger wheel size. You can adjust the saddle height as your child grows. If you want a bike that is easier to handle, a smaller wheel size may be better for a less experienced rider who wants to build confidence.

Why is finding the right size bike so important?

When it comes to kids bikes, getting the right size is really important. A bike that is too big or small can be difficult to pedal and control, leading to decreased confidence in your child's ability to ride. If the bike is too big, they may not be able to reach the ground while they are seated, making it harder to stay balanced.

On the other hand, if the bike is too small, they may struggle to operate the brakes and gears. To ensure a fun and safe cycling experience, make sure that your child has a bike that fits them properly.