Remote Areas –

All bikes are assembled by our team of professional technicians and delivered ready to ride in UAE!

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Remote Areas

Please be aware that if your delivery address falls within one of the locations specified below, our Swift delivery guarantee will not apply. Your order will be fulfilled within the next 48-72 hours.

Emirate Remote Areas
Dubai Hatta
Dubai Jebel Ali Palm
Dubai Al Lisaili
Dubai Bab Al Shams
Dubai Dubai International Endurance City
Dubai Dubai Outer Bypass Road
Dubai Jebel Ali Airport
Dubai New Police Academy Project
Dubai Maleha
Dubai Manama
Dubai Margham
Dubai Faqa
Dubai DWC
Dubai Madam
Dubai Bateeha
Dubai Dhaid
Dubai Al Ghadeer
Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone
Dubai Akoya Oxygen
Dubai Awir
Abu Dhabi Ajban
Abu Dhabi Al Adla
Abu Dhabi Al Dhafra
Abu Dhabi Al Wathba
Abu Dhabi Mafraq
Abu Dhabi Mahawi
Abu Dhabi Ruwais
Abu Dhabi Zayed Military City Area
Abu Dhabi Abu Samra
Abu Dhabi Asab Oil Field
Abu Dhabi Buhasa Oil Field
Abu Dhabi Das Island
Abu Dhabi Delma Island
Abu Dhabi Ghantoot
Abu Dhabi Habshan
Abu Dhabi Mirfa
Abu Dhabi Jabel Dhana
Abu Dhabi Liwa
Abu Dhabi Marfa
Abu Dhabi Ruwais
Abu Dhabi Shah Oil Field
Abu Dhabi Sila
Abu Dhabi Abu al Abyad
Abu Dhabi Mirfa
Abu Dhabi Zirku Island
Abu Dhabi Zayed City
Abu Dhabi Mafraq
Abu Dhabi Other
Sharjah Cement Factory
Sharjah Dhaid
Sharjah Badea
Sharjah Rahmania
Sharjah Madam
Sharjah Sharjah Industrial Area
Sharjah Khorfokhan
Sharjah Kalba
Sharjah Other
Al Ain


Other Countries
Saudi Arabia