Beauty Treats DETOX - Matcha & White Chocolate 4 or 9 x 40g

AED 79.00

Available in: Box of 4

Box of 4
Box of 9

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DETOX - Matcha & White Chocolate

Soft crunchy texture, Dipped in white chocolate, this green matcha & spirulina cookie is great for its anti-oxidant properties as well as muscle recovery and performance. Nutrition facts per cookie: 145 kcal, 8,6 Prot; 6,8 Carbs; 9 Fat 1 cookie contains over 4000mg of Non-Gmo Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides type 1 & 3 and 63.00 mg of Vitamin C (which makes up to 97% RDI).


  • weight loss with a low-carbs and low-calorie snack, but with the same taste of a real cookie
  • youthful, glowing, hydrated and elastic skin
  • strong hair, nails and joints
  • natural ingredients, carefully combined with love
  • wellbeing and prevention rather than treatment and botox
  • easy and quick ''bites-to-go'', anywhere, anytime


  • palm oil, refined sugar, eggs, preservatives, emulsifiers, soy lecithin, gmo, gluten, stabilizers, artificial flavours
  • expensive supplement pills and powders and forget them in the cupboard
  • bad aftertaste or processed powders
  • sugar loaded snacks

Ingredients: Coconut flour, almond flour, collagen peptides, coconut oil, shredded coconut, sugar free maple syrup, monk fruit, vanilla extract, baking powder, keto white chocolate, spirulina, matcha.

Storage: our Beauty Treats are best kept under room temperature, under no direct sunlight and stored inside their box. They are singularly packed so they can last up to 30 days.


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