CyclOn Bionet Chain Cleaner Trigger Spray 750ml

AED 80.00
Brand: CyclOn
SKU: 20083

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Bionet Chain Cleaner for cleaning the chain, cassette, and crankset

Biodegradable cleaner to remove stubborn dirt from the complete bike, also suitable to degrease and clean chains, chainrings and gears. Simply apply the cleaner, let it work, and then rinse with water. The cleaner easily removes oil, greases, cleaning and waxing products. It can be applied concentrated or diluted with up to 5 parts of water.

Pros & Cons

  • Biodegradable
  • Safely eliminates drive chain contaminants such as waterproof lubricants and greases
  • Not harmful to chain, bearings and essential oils in chain links
  • After using Bionet, rinse the chain and components well and re-lubricate.


Step 1 Spray the entire drivetrain with CyclOn Bionet Chain Cleaner and leave it to soak in for a few minutes. Brush the chain, cassette and sprockets thoroughly with a hard brush.

Step 2 Rinse your drivetrain with water jet and use a clean cloth to dry everything thoroughly.

Step 3 Once your chain is completely dry, lubricate it again so that your bike is ready for your next ride.

USP'S Alkaline degreaser, degreases and cleans quickly, biodegradable.



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