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GOLD Nutrition Salt Capsules 60's

SKU: GN61097
AED 70.00

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  • Salt Caps GoldNutrition® are composed of mineral salts (electrolytes) that we mostly lose in sweat. The predominant electrolyte is sodium, since it is lost in greater quantity, the formula is complemented with Chloride, Magnesium and Potassium, to maintain an electrolyte balance.
  • This product is intended for practitioners of modalities whose prolonged duration is reflected in higher sweating rates and thus greater need to replace mineral salts.
  • Electrolytes are particularly important in muscle, nerve and heart cells, where they work together to conduct electrical impulses to nerve impulses and muscle contractions.
  • Does not contain substances prohibited by WADA.
  • Best to consume before and during training.
  • 2 Capsules contains 202mg Sodium, 11mg Potassium, 20mg Chloride & 43mg Magnesium.
GOLD Nutrition

GOLD Nutrition Salt Capsules 60's

AED 70.00


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