GOLD Total Energy Bar Orange (15 x 40g)

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Available in: Box of 15

Box of 15

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 Jelly Bars are gum bars with fast-absorbing sugars that will give you an immediate energy boost

Jelly Bars
 come in 4 flavors – Apple and Strawberry with just a quick-absorbing sugar base, the cola flavor with a sugar base and has caffeine added, and the orange flavor besides the sugar base has sodium and magnesium added. Jelly Bars are ideal energetic gum bars for athletes who need an immediate dose of energy during prolonged and strenuous workouts. These bars, with fast-absorbing sugars, are practical and offer a tasty alternative to gels, with a pleasant texture to vary the offer in terms of sugar intake. Consuming products with fast-absorbing sugars is essential to maintain blood glucose stability and decrease the rate of glycogen depletion, delaying fatigue and decreasing performance in long races.

All Jelly Bar flavors have a fast-absorbing sugars base (glucose/fructose),  the Cola flavor has caffeine added, and the Orange flavor has sodium and magnesium added to better cover the specific needs of athletes. Benefits of jelly bars is Immediate supply of energy. How to consume? Ideal to consume during training. It can be consumed throughout the sporting season.

  • Fast energy source
  • Prevention of muscle mass loss
  • Prevention of hyponatremia states
  • Endurance modalities
  • All sports lasting more than 1 hour
  • For Vegetarians

Indication for use :

Use one to two bars during training as an immediate source of energy. Drink plenty of water

Ingredients :

  • Organic cane sugar, organic rice syrup, xarope de arroz orgânico, polydextrose syrup (thickener: polydextrose, water, preservative: E202, marinhopectin (pectin, quality regulators: E337, E452, maltodextrin), polydextrose rating: E330, regulating salt, flavour, potassium citrate (36% K), magnesium citrate (15.5% M, coating oil (coconut oil, coating agent: carnauba wax)

Nutritional Information :


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