Knog Blinder Mini Chippy Front Light

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Brand: Knog
SKU: K-11959

The Blinder Mini Chippy is the ideal commuter and peloton front bike light. Named after its Chips on Board technology, it’s perfect for riding on well-lit roads at night and in daylight for added visibility.

Specifications :
  • Dimensions : H: 40mm x W: 29mm x L:32mm
  • Lumens 20
  • Weight 17g
  • Steady light 2hrs runtime
  • Strobe flash 3.5hrs runtime
  • Fading Light 3hrs runtime
  • Lightning Flash 3.5hrs runtime
  • Eco Flash 11hrs runtime

Blinder Mini Chippy’s surface mounted LEDs output 20 lumens. With a 120° beam and an integrated reflector for added visibility you’ll be seen from up to 800m away. It has a run time of up to 10 hours on eco-flash mode and you’re spolit for choice with 5 light modes: steady high, steady low, strobe, fancy flash and eco-flash.

With a weight of only 18 grams the light uses its tool-less attachment to securely connect to handlebars and frames of 22-32+mm. Blinder Mini Chippy uses strong silicone and interchangeable straps to give you the perfect fit. And with a notch in the rear of the light – it sits well on posts and bars.