Look Geo Trekking Vision Pedal

AED 550.00
Brand: Look
SKU: 21856

Geo Trekking Vision Pedal

The GEO TREKKING VISION is the ultimate commuter pedal. Two different sides: one flat suitable for any shoes, and the other SPD-compatible for when you take things up a level. A removable light system adds that little extra security: ride to work in your suit and tie,ride home via the trails and side roads.

Features :

  • Spindle : Chromoly+
  • Technology Hybrid pedals = half flat + half clipless
  • Body material composite
  • Platform width 84mm
  • Q Factor 56mm
  • Release angle 13°
  • Traction composite studs
  • Retention 5 - 10
  • Cleats Easy
  • Cleats standard SPD compatible
  • Pedal 217g
  • Weight pair cleats 490g
  • Lights Beam angle 180°
  • Battery life upto 30hrs
  • Light modes 3 (Steady / Flash / Flash eco)
  • Battery Micro USB rechargeable
  • Unit lightweight 14g
  • Light output 15 Lumens

Technologies :

  • Integrated VISION technology for a luminous pedal : a simple, easy-to-use and versatile light that clips onto your pedal
  • Take on the worst weather conditions; the micro USB charging port on the side of the light is protected by a sealed cap tp keeps any water projected from the roads and tires at bay.
  • Comes with EASY micro cleats: 30% easier to clip in to, multidirectional disengagement which functions with a natural, rotate-and-pull foot movement