MET Manta Mips®

AED 1,150.00
Brand: MET

Size: S 52 - 56cm

S 52 - 56cm
M 56 - 58cm
L 58 - 61cm

Color: Matte Black

Matte Black
MET Manta Mips Road, Triathlon and Winter Rides Helmet

Aerodynamic Cycling helmet for Road, Triathlon and Winter rides

The all new MET Manta Mips is an excellent example of MET’s aesthetic and contemporary design. Led by the insight of pros and the demands of cyclists, the helmet takes on four areas of focus: safety, aerodynamics, fit and style. With these elements in mind, the design of the new Manta Mips draws on the natural geometry of its predecessor as a guide. It’s as brilliant as the original, but with sharper looks and cutting-edge performance.

Helmet Features :

  • Aerodynamics - The Manta Mips is more aerodynamic that its predecessor thanks to its lower and tube-shaped profile at the rear, which we developed with specific wind-tunnel testing in the NEWTON laboratory of Milan.

  • Fit - Beyond its technical prowess, the Manta Mips is also exceptionally comfortable. The 360° head belt ensures that there will be no pressure points on the skull and its internal shape is inspired by the award-winning MET Trenta 3K Carbon.

  • Fit System - all round belt offers 360° adjustment, comfort soft padding, Integrated Led Light, 4 positions vertical adjustments, 2 positions for occipital adjustments. Ponytail compatible, MET USB Led Light Compatible.
Additional Information

S 52 - 56cm, M 56 - 58cm, L 58 - 61cm


Matte Black, White