OTE Sports Anytime Bar - Caramel

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Caramel Anytime Bar !

Our Gluten Free Caramel Anytime Bar is 100% natural and ideal to use as a healthy snack bar during the day, or as a great energy boost before or during exercise.

About this product

The OTE Caramel Anytime Bar is made from 100% natural ingredients and is also nut and gluten free. This makes these flapjack style bars the ideal snack for those looking for a healthier option. Great tasting, easily digested bar that contain over 35g of carbohydrate per bar. Our Anytime Bar can also be used before or during exercise as a great tasting source of energy. Eating an Anytime Bar 1-2 hours before exercise will give you that carbohydrate boost you need to help you through your workout. 

 Dietary info  Nutritional info-100g-Per 62g  Ingredients
 Gluten   Energy(kj) - 1632 - 1012 Gluten free oats 46%
 Nut Free  Energy(kcal) - 388 - 241 Golden syrup
 Vegetarian  Fat (g) - 12.4 - 7.7 Brown sugar 13%
 No artificial sweeteners  of which saturates(g) - 6.7 - 4.1 Salted butter
 No artificial colours  Carbohydrates(g) - 63.6 - 39.4 Milk
 No artificial flavours  of which sugars(g) - 27.9 - 17.3 Clear Honey
 Protein(g) - 5.8 - 3.6 Toffee flavouring
 Salt(g) - 0.42 - 0.26 Salt

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1 Bar, Box of 16