Park Tool Replacement Jaw Covers 468G

AED 63.00
Brand: Park Tool
SKU: 468G

Fits PCS-1 and PCS-2 repair stand clamps with double cable relief. This includes models 100-1C, 100-1CA, and 100-2C. Simply discard old covers and install new covers; each set includes four circlips. The 468G fit the clamps of the 100-1C, 100-1CA, and 100-2C. These were the clamps on the final generation of the PCS-1. The clamps are made of welded stamped steel. Both clamp jaws have a deep recess in the center of the radius that allow the jaws to safely clamp over cable housing. Jaw covers are colored gray. The covers are nominally 4 inches (10cm) long.

NOTE: Use care not to confuse the 468G with the 467G jaw covers. The two are not interchangeable.