QM Sports Body Protection Lotion

AED 59.00
SKU: 1-019-0100

Size: 100ml


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Protective body lotion with natural oils. This spray keeps flying insects (especially mosquitos) away during indoor and outdoor activities. Apply several times a day. This lotion does not contain DEET

Features :

  • This "anti-insect" spray is a natural product developed to keep flying insects off the body during sports or outdoor activities.
  • This product has a distinctive odor due to the use of natural extracts derived from an African plant.
  • There are no insects among these African plants hence its use in this "anti-insect" spray.
  • The product does not contain a DEET substance and is therefore not carcinogenic. This is a very important aspect in the use of protective products that are applied to the skin!
  • Spray over the body, do not rub. May be repeated several times a day if there is an abundance of insects in the area.
  • Can also be used by the whole family for outdoor activities.

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