QM Sports Care Bronzing Oil 200ml

AED 99.00
SKU: 1-006-0200

Colored oil for supple and accentuated muscles. Does not contain a sun protection factor. Can be used in bad weather conditions as additional 'water-repellent protection' on top of QM1, QM2 or QM3

Features :

  • Light brown tinted sports massage oil that gives the skin a beautiful tone and the muscles an extra accent.
  • Brown tinted sports massage oil with essential oils that makes the muscles supple and stimulates before every training or competition.
  • Take a small amount of oil and massage well into the muscles.
  • The muscles become very flexible, which reduces the risk of injuries and muscle cramps.
  • As an athlete you immediately get a good feeling in the muscles what motivates to perform during the training or competition.
  • QM6 Bronzing Oil is together with QM5 Energizing Oil our most important Pre Sports oil for normal weather conditions.

Hints :

  • This oil can be used as an extra protective layer on top of the heat creams QM1/QM2/QM3 in wet weather conditions. After massaging in one of these three QM warming creams, you can put a layer of QM6 oil over the muscles. This oil layer will ensure that the water flows off easily when it rains and will protect the QM warming creams for longer and allow them to retain their function.