QM Sports Care Cooling Lotion

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Size: 150ml


Cooling cream to sport in warm weather conditions or indoors. Cooling effect for skin and muscle, so that a 100% performance remains

Features :

  • This cooling cream is developed for sports and activities in warm conditions indoor and outdoor.
  • We recommend to use this cooling cream in temperatures above 20°C/68°F.
  • Apply the cream before the start of the activities.
  • Rub the cream on the body, arms, legs, neck and/or feet.
  • Having a fresh feeling in warm conditions at the start of a race or training works motivating. The cream ensures also supple muscles during the efforts.
  • This product contains essential oils that penetrate deep into the muscles.
  • QM22 has a refreshing effect but does not constrict the blood vessels or muscles, which is the case with ice. Narrowing of blood vessels and muscles leads to a reduction in performance.
  • With QM22 Cooling cream you can count on 100% performance capacity and mental toughness in warm conditions.

Hints :

  • If you take rest breaks during sports activities, this product can be applied again. It is best to first freshen up with QM9 After Sports Wash lotion and then apply the QM22 cream again.
  • For indoor sports it is more interesting to use QM22 cream instead of the QM15 oil.


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