QM Sports Care Fit Feet Cream

AED 69.00
SKU: 1-018-0150

Size: 150ml


Soothing and relaxing cream, ideal for sore or tired feet and Achilles tendons

Features :

  • Fit Feet has been developed as a restorative massage cream for feet and Achilles tendons and should be applied after training or competition.
  • Rub this cream well until it is absorbed into the skin.
  • This QM product is extensively used for the feet and Achilles tendons in cycling, football, athletics, skating, hiking and mountaineering, cross-country skiing, biathlon, indoor sports, tennis, badminton, squash, hockey...
  • Also useful in the recovery of sore feet in occupations that involve a lot of standing or walking.
  • If necessary, add the cream again before going to sleep.
  • This quality product is also appreciated by professional pedicurists in the healthcare sector.