QM Sports Care Recuperation Cream

AED 69.00
SKU: 1-016-0150

Size: 150ml


No time for an extensive massage after sports? Then this cream is a great alternative to regain supple muscles. Apply again before going to sleep

Features :

  • This cream has several effective purposes.
  • If there is no possibility to get an extensive massage after a sports competition or training, this cream is the alternative to allow the muscles to recover and to take away the muscle pain.
  • Even after an extensive muscle massage, this Recuperation Cream can still be applied as an extra restorative cream during the night's sleep.
  • This cream is also applied by professional athletes to the legs, neck or body to make long travel trips by plane, bus, train or car. Applying before the travel trip gives a more pleasant feeling to the muscles during and afterwards.
  • Extremely useful for muscle recovery in football, athletics, skating, hiking and mountaineering, cross-country skiing, biathlon, indoor sports, tennis, badminton, squash, hockey, polo, etc.
  • In sports were extensive daily massages are less common and muscle recovery is still desired and an added value, you can use QM16.
  • Contains essential oils and is useful against all kinds of muscle aches and cramps without extensive massage! Usable for the whole body.
  • Rub the cream well on the muscles that require recovery.
  • A very useful recovery cream for occupations where you stand for a long time or where you have to walk a lot.