QM Sports Recovery Oil 200ml

AED 99.00
SKU: 1-008-0200

Sports massage oil on a natural basis. Possibly helps eliminate toxins from muscles more quickly. Penetrates deeply during the massage. For intensive sport athletes

Features :

  • By adding an extra ingredient, this product can ensure an even faster removal of lactic acids from the muscles.
  • Developed for a massage after extremely heavy strain on the muscles and body.
  • "Ultra High Quality" sports massage oil for a deep massage after training or competition.
  • Contains numerous essential oils and is made from natural ingredients.
  • Penetrates deep into the muscles.
  • Provides faster muscle recovery and relaxation of body & mind.
  • Take a small amount of oil into your hand and then massage it well into the muscles for about 15 minutes.
  • To be used on the specific muscle groups that need an intensive massage to recover.
  • QM8 oil is highly regarded by professionals in the sector of physiotherapy, relaxation massage and by professional sports teams.