Spartan Bicycle Pump - 120PSI -
Spartan Bicycle Pump - 120PSI -

Spartan Basic Pump - 120PSI

AED 39.00
Brand: Spartan
SKU: SP-9017

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  • Keep an instant fix on-hand for your low bike or trailer tires with the Spartan Bicycle Floor Pump.
  • The dual, easy indicator pump head fits both Shrader and Presta valves.
  • Pump bike tires of all sizes up to 120 PSI. Co-molded T-handle grips make inflation comfortable.


1, Push thumb lever down to unlocked position.
2, Place pump head onto tire valve.
3, Lift thumb lever to locked position.
4, Inflate tire to recommended pressure displayed on tire.
5, Unlock lever and remove pump head from the tire valve.

1, Unscrew Presta valve nut on tire valve.
2, remove Presta adaptor from thumb lever and screw onto
    the Presta valve on the bicycle.
3, Push thumb lever down to unlocked position.
4, Engage pump head onto Presta adaptor, lift lever and inflate tire.
5, Push lever down to unlocked position after pumping.
6, Remove pump head from Presta valve adaptor.
7, Screw Presta valve nut into closed position.


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