Vittoria Corsa N.EXT Tubeless TLR Full Black G2.0

AED 310.00
Brand: Vittoria
SKU: 11A00392

Size: 700 x 24c

700 x 24c
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Racing Inspired Performance Ultimate Durability

Corsa N.EXT is the exciting new addition to the Corsa family, and Vittoria's go-to road tyre in the Competition category. It completes Vittoria's top-of-the-range offer by filling the gap between the Pro Competition and Advance Training tyre categories. Our design engineers have focused on the requirements of enthusiast cyclists who clock up the miles on long and demanding weekly rides. These riders are competitive – always looking to improve their performance and riding experience. Corsa N.EXT has undergone extensive testing at Vittoria’s laboratory and on thousands of miles of road on the wheels of a number of professional teams. These stringent tests have proven Corsa N.EXT to be best-in-class in terms of puncture resistance, comfort, and wet grip.

They’ll train hard for a Granfondo or other amateur races and expect every component of their bicycle to match their effort, especially the tyres. They want speed (who doesn’t!) but they don’t want to compromise on durability and puncture resistance. So our design engineers have combined their peerless knowledge of racing performance with the durability of a long-lasting nylon casing that uses a unique Silica and Graphene compound for improved rolling efficiency, grip and longer wear-life.

Special Features :

  • Compound - As part of Vittoria’s ultimate product development, the new Vittoria Corsa N.EXT utilizes a unique compound technology. This combines its proven Graphene research-applied knowledge with Silica, a material which specifically improves road tire performance.

  • Casing - Resistance and durability are essential for a tyre whose aim is to take you beyond ever new limits. Corsa N.EXT is the first tyre in the Corsa range made with high-quality nylon fabric. To increase puncture protection, the central section of the casing features 3 layers of nylon as well as an additional puncture protection belt. The tyre resistance is further increased at the bead level with a chafer – an extra protective layer of nylon wrapping the bead. The high-tech bead has been designed to ease the tyre mounting and inflation for both tube-type and tubeless constructions. Corsa N.EXT is the first tyre in the Corsa range made with high-quality nylon fabric. The Pro-competition Corsa, Corsa Speed and Corsa Control tyres - used by many pro teams at the World Tour - are made with cotton fabric.

  • Tread - Corsa N.EXT uses the proven tread of the famous Corsa; a tread that many World Tour teams in the peloton are very familiar with. The central part of the tread features spaced directional grooves for a wider contact surface. This improves rolling efficiency and speed during fast paced rides. The side tread features closely spaced directional grooves to enhance grip and handling in the corners. Corsa N.EXT tread also features a tread-wear indicator (TWI) - a small circle incision on the tread that indicates when the tread is worn and needs replacing.

  • QR Code - Corsa N.EXT is the first road racing tyre to feature a QR Code. This is printed on the tyre hot patch, and by scanning it riders can access useful information about the tyre; such as tutorials on how to mount it, recommended air pressures, recommended tubes and accessories, as well as the location of the nearest Vittoria dealer. This innovation is part of the brand’s commitment to be part of every ride ahead.


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