Vittoria Mastik Pro

AED 150.00
Brand: Vittoria
SKU: 1115MP0250111PK

Vittoria Mastik PRO

Mastic for tubulars

Designed to work especially well when using Vittoria’s “Perfect Match” tubular wheel and tire system
High Temperature Resistance to over 120 degree Celsius
Quick and easy Application with 24hr dry time

Glue your tubulars in no time

Mastik Pro is the latest and best development in tubular glue to date. It addresses all known challenges for gluing your tubulars. With its quick and easy application, it is possible to glue two tires in under an hour. Mastik Pro cleans easily with water, making mess on your hands and equipment a challenge of the past. It also has a much increased resistance to high temperatures, contributing strongly to much higher safety especially for long descents. The new Mastik Pro is non-flammable, so it can be carried everywhere regardless of the mode of transport. Glued tubulars are rideable in 24 hours and the packaging is especially designed to use a satchel per wheel.