Ziggy 3-Wheel Tilt Scooter With LED lights

AED 249.00
Brand: Ziggy
SKU: ZG-7036

Color: Red


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ZIGGY 3-Wheel Tilt Scooter With LED Lights

For Kids and Toddlers from 3 to 8 years-old.
Time to scoot! The Ziggy 3-Wheel Tilt Scooter is perfect for toddlers and a great way to work up to the bigger rides. Available in different colored anti-slip decks, your child can be the coolest toddler on the block. The scooter comes with three flashy LED wheels that does not require a battery and is equipped with easy-grip handles to boot. Its lightweight and sturdy design with a lean-to-steer makes it incredibly easy to ride.

  • White LED Wheels - 2 large front LED wheels and small rear LED wheel
  • Wide PU Wheels - Soft and Wide PU wheels ensure a stable, smooth and quiet ride
  • ABEC-7 bearing - Allows the children to glide smoothly while maintaining stability
  • Adjustable Handlebar – The handlebar has 4 height settings to fit your child’s comfort
  • Lean-to-steer technology and lightweight design offer better control on turns and helps with maintaining balance
  • Easy to Assemble – The scooter takes less than a minute to connect the handlebar with the deck. It has a one push release button that allows you to detach the handlebar easily
  • Steering lock button at the bottom of the deck allows to lock out the titlting feature so early riders can master balance safely
  • Max Weight: 50 kgs

We are committed to designing and building products with high quality components that are not only safe, but fun at the same time for your child.


The 3PU wheels light up when riding and get brighter as they go cheering the little ones on and adding childlike fun. This is fun to watch and makes evening outdoor play even better.

The scooter deck is made from reinforced fibreglass with an Anti-Slip rubber grip. The deck is built low-to-the ground and wider for more safety. The lightweight reinforced aluminium frame also makes it easy for your child to lift over curbs.

The Ziggy Scooter has a lean-to-steer design that fine tunes balancing skills for comfort and precision. The stem and snap lock allow 4 secure height adjustment options to accommodate your growing child for up to 8 years.


The Ziggy scooter has a detachable 4-height alloy handlebar that allows you to store the scooter in tight spaces and even travel with it anywhere. Just press the button, detach and secure the handlebars to the deck and you’re all set.

The steering lock prevents the handlebar from steering, which makes it easier for early riders to master balance before they’re ready to move up to the next level and practice turning.

The handlebar can be easily detached and secured under the scooter deck that helps in minimising storage space. You can now store your scooter away or carry it with you anywhere.


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